Town of Vex

Vex is a small hillside town bordering the EverDark Forest. For years they have been pestered by the monsters and beasts that lurk within the forest, on the small ocassion. Though recently there has been more attacks then usaul, and the woodsmen have taken to their bows or axes to form hunting parties and patrols to protect their village.

The town is a small local community, that is well known for their furs and meats. Though their relationship with the elves has made it one of the most well-known trade towns to mix with the elves.


Buildings & sites of interest:

-Hunters’ Grove

-Dove Inn

-Tree of Krei

-Market Square: Here there is the Bakery, Blacksmith & Tinks Gear and Gadgets. With small stalls some travelling merchants have managed to setup.

Town of Vex

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