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1. Night Watch

The Night Patrol is one group short from the more recent nights from an attack from the creatures in the forest. The pay is reasonable and the town council is known for their generosity. Help Them out just for a few nights until one of the hunting parties come back to fill the spot. Reward:50G & Free lodging in the Dove Inn

2. Tink's Supplies

The local gear and gadget shop, is low on supplies for potions. Report to the shop and ask for Tink if you are an able bodied adventurer that is willing to help. Reward to be considered.

3. Pelts & Furs

The local hunters have been busy of late and ask for your assistance in the great hunt. Their rules and regulations specify to target Bucks and the Bears(Male). Bring back the pelts and meat, though you have to skin them and cure the meat yourselves. Reward to be considered.

4. License to sell

Within Vex travelling merchants need a deposit of 1000G to setup store. One vendor has no money put plenty of goods, and he is willing to do whatever he may to sell his supply. He has a treasure map in his possession, that leads into the forest. Not being an able bodied adventurer, he offers the map for 1000G to any adventurer that is after treasure. Reward The treasures you find.

5. Report to the Eladrin Spear commander

Recently an Eladrin Spear regiment has come to reside on the hills just outside town. Trying to build up, the spear commander has called for able bodied adventurers to form a special group of operations. That can move about more quietly and swiftly through the forest compared to a battilian of soldiers. Go to his camp on the hillside for more information…

Quest Board

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